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Writing Short Stories

Except for a short story I wrote as a teenager and one I wrote in my freshman year of college that won an award, I didn't write another short story until the Guppy chapter of Sisters in Crime decided to put together an anthology and opened it up for submissions. My short story, The Professor's Books was accepted and appeared in FISH TALES, the first Guppy anthology in 2011. Then the Guppies decided to put together another anthology, and I submitted another short story, The Lure of the Rainbow, and was pleased to have that accepted for FISH NETS​, which came out in 2013.

Because I found writing short stories to be fun, I entered the Love is Murder short fiction contest in 2011, and I won first place with my story Cheating on Your Wife Can Get You Killed. It appeared in Crimespree's Jan/Feb issue in 2011. I also had a short story appear in the 2011 Guppy Antholgy FISH TALES, The Professor's Books, and another one in the second Guppy Anthology FISH NETS, The Lure of the Rainbow.  In 2012 I had a short story, Mincemeat is for Murder appear in Bethlehem Writers Roundtable in the March 2012 edition, and they included it in their 2015 anthology LET IT SNOW. 

When I learned of a new publishing company, Mystery and Horror, LLC, that would be putting out mystery anthologies with a paranormal bent, I decided to try my hand in that genre. It was something I'd never written, but I thought I'd give it and try and wrote Once Upon a Gnome and submitted it to STRANGELY FUNNY. I was pleased to have it accepted for the anthology which came out in Aug. 2013. So I wrote and submitted another short story for their next anthology, Norman's Skeletons. It was also accepted and appeared in ALL HALLOWS EVIL in time for Halloween Oct. 2013. I've also had another story appear in Bethlehem Writers Roundtable The Body in the Red Silk Dress. My most recent short story Ophelia's Dilemma appeared in Jan. 2016 in  The Texas Gardener. 

Why do I write short stories as well as books? Well, short stories are for ideas and characters I have where there's not enough plot and detail to develop them into anything longer. Of course, as in books you want  an ending that's unpredictable, but in short stories that raised eyebrow twist at the end is what makes a short story so good, at least if it's a mystery. And they're jolly good fun to write, too.